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Amazing Aeffects offers unique body art for any event or occasion!

We can help you create a bigger impact with a glamorous makeover, fantasy body paint, intricate henna, or even a costume! We offer a solution for any entertainment need!

We also offer in-depth classes and workshops in each Glam & SFX Makeup, Henna Art, and Crafts!

We are available for parties, events, baby showers, weddings, etc!

Please visit our Facebook page for our existing classes and events.

Please email us for any further questions or to book your appointment.

Thank you!

Gothess Jasmine is founder and CEO of AMAZING AEFFECTS. Also known as Jasmine Amazing, this Goth Goddess is an award-winning artist specializing in make up, body paint, temporary tattoos, costumes, talent scouting and event planning! Prolific in the Dark Arts, Jasmine has hosted many shows like Danse Macabre, Cruel Intentions Anti Valentine's Revue and most recently Nocturnal Caravan Virtual Halloween Show on their TWITCH.

You can find more of their work by clicking the links below.

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Appointment Only.

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Weekends we can usually be found at conventions and events! To view workshops, classes and events schedule, please visit our events page.

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