June 10 - 13, 2021

1p - 11p CST

INTRODUCING OYA CON! The Virtual convention dedicated to uplifting and connecting local BIPOC entrepreneurs, leaders and artists in Austin !


Oya is the Orisha deity of weather and storms. She also signifies the power of change. Through fair skies and roiling storms, we are reminded that like weather: all things change.

We as leaders, as humans have the responsibility and ABILITY to guide how we change!

This virtual convention will be the first of many in which we connect and promote as many Austin leaders, performers, artists and entrepreneurs as possible! This four day event will include panels on Reclaiming your Culture with your Business, Honor vs Appropriation, Giving Back to the Community, Sexual Health and Wellness, Extended Education in Austin, How to be an Active Ally, Spiritual Guidance workshops and more!

We will also have showcases of artists, performers and local talent each night!! Including commercials of local businesses and service providers in the Austin area!

So excited for all the support and local entrepreneurs, businesses, organisations, Artists and entertainers who've replied, showed interested and shared!!!!

We're out here and I'm honored to be able to connect us!!!


This event isn't specifically just for us but any person who considers themselves an ally and would like to learn is welcome! We expect and demand respect for all in this space and time.

For more information or to be involved please message me!!

June 10 - 13 Starting at 1p CST


Free Admission

Suggested $10 donation